Japanese design brands

Discover our exclusive collection of Japanese furniture brands, six carefully selected premium brands. In our showroom the most characteristic dining room chairs and stools from these collections are ready for you to try out. The showpieces from these collections fit seamlessly into your contemporary interior, but have also been developed to create a total atmosphere.

Our specialty lies with the renowned Japanese design brands Maruni, Koyori, and Karimoku, the latter consisting of 4 specialist sub-brands. The beautiful furniture, mainly made of solid oak and walnut and available in various finishes and lacquers, with beautiful upholstery. The possibilities are endless.

Each timeless masterpiece is produced with Japanese craftsmanship and designed by top international designers such as Naoto Fukasawa, Keiji Ashizawa and Norm Architects, as well as Cecilie Manz, Jasper Morrison, GamFratesi and the Bouroullec brothers. Collaboration between Japan and the West is a central theme within all these brands.

In addition to dining room chairs, these collections also offer stylish tables, benches, stools and side tables. With our collection of wood and fabric samples we can show you exactly what they look like.

Our studio is very experienced in creating refined and attractive interior designs. We are happy to see how we can fit these collections into your interior.

If you would like to look further at our non-Japanese brands, go to – additional brands –

If you would like to try out the chairs or are interested in a total design with pure timeless furniture, make an appointment today. We look forward to helping you find stylish timeless Japanese furniture for your interior!

Our chair store showcases an extensive collection of design dining chairs from fifteen carefully selected premium brands. Our focus is on dining chairs and (counter) barstools from Japanese brands Maruni, Karimoku Case Study, and Koyori, as well as eleven Scandinavian top brands from Denmark, Norway, and Finland, and the Italian family-owned company Mattiazzi.

The artisanal chairs and stools are primarily crafted from solid oak, walnut, and ash wood. The timeless masterpieces from the ’40s and ’50s by Finn Juhl, Hans Wegner, and Børge Mogensen share the space harmoniously with the latest creations from contemporary top designers such as Overgaard & Dyrman, Naoto Fukasawa, Norm Architects, Jasper Morrison, GamFratesi, and the Bouroullec brothers.

For an overview of all our furniture, lighting, upholstery, and accessories, we invite you to visit our exclusive brands page.

Buy designer dining chairs

You don’t just buy a designer dining chair, you have to feel it. In our chair store we have one of the largest collections of designer dining chairs in the Netherlands. Make an appointment in our chair store and find the dining room chair that’s right for you.

In addition, 30 furniture and lighting brands support the top 15 collections with loungers, tables, lighting and rugs to complete the interior.

Design dining chairs from leading brands.

We carry modern dining chairs from renowned Scandinavian and Japanese brands. These high-quality dining chairs are designed by renowned designers and produced in the finest furniture factories worldwide.

Wooden Design Dining Chairs

Wooden design dining chairs make a timeless choice for your interior. Wood maintains its charm over the years and complements various interior styles due to its neutral appearance.
Our wooden dining chairs are available in various wood types, each with its own unique charm. Above, you can see our selection of 15 top brands of design dining chairs. Below is another selection of additional brands that are certainly worth considering.

Design Dining Chairs with Armrests

During dining, it’s also pleasant to be able to rest your arms in between. Dining chairs with armrests, therefore, provide additional comfort at the table. Our collection of dining chairs includes various models with different types of armrests, including open armrests, armrests seamlessly integrated into the seat shell, and softly upholstered armrests.

Interior Design Consultants

A dining area is not complete without comfortable chairs where you can spend hours dining. But how do you choose the right chairs that are not only comfortable but also seamlessly fit into your interior? Our interior design consultants are ready to provide you with the best advice! With their extensive knowledge of our collections, colors, and materials, they assist you in creating a beautiful dining area that perfectly complements your style.
You can schedule an appointment or visit our chair gallery in Utrecht without any obligation, where you can admire many of our collections in person. Additionally, you can consult with our interior design consultants and explore various fabric and material samples.

Where can I buy designer dining chairs?

At Wonders Chair Gallery, you will find an extensive collection of designer dining chairs from renowned brands. You can visit our chair store in Utrecht to experience many chairs in person. If you truly want to evaluate a specific brand and model, it is advisable to make a phone call beforehand to ensure that we have the chair in the store at that moment. Due to our excellent relationship with the manufacturers, we can also arrange for sample models to be brought in upon request, allowing you to test-sit before making a decision.

Designer dining chairs with comfort

A designer dining chair should be comfortable as well.