Overgaard & Dyrman

Overgaard and Dyrman is a workshop and design studio based in Denmark. A shared passion for craftsmanship and furniture design is the basis for the partnership between Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dyrman. In 2013, they founded O&D together. With the basic principle "Celebrate the process" they started working. They approach all parts of the design process with respect and precision. Their flagship piece The Wire Chair, where it all began, is the result of this approach. They showed this again with the next edition The Circle Chair.


Both gentlemen are schooled in architecture & design and have a shared passion; no-compromise design. Besides this passion, they also have their own area of expertise, Christian is a blacksmith and Jasper an expert in working with leather. This is how they started their own brand in 2013. The combination of steel and leather turned out to be the perfect combination for a chair, which they eventually put into production themselves, The Wire Chair.

The idea that you only understand every step of the process when you do it yourself and celebrate the process, became guiding for every part of the Wire Chair.  Consequently, the first 300 copies were made entirely by the two gentlemen themselves.

Jasper and Christian take their inspiration from the geometric shapes found in nature. This gives the designs of O&D a natural feel. They combine this with a variety of materials. They want to let the materials speak and thereby create furniture that is unique.

In terms of sustainability, the idea is "made to order is made to last. Only products that are ordered and therefore wanted by the customer are made. The delivery time is somewhat longer but it only takes a few months and the furniture that will last for generations and is made to age beautifully.


The Wire collection:

Inspired by the outspoken contrast between steel and leather. The Wire collection has expanded to the Wire Lounge Chair and the Wire Sofa. The steel acts as a strong base, by bending and merging the steel with the beautiful weld mesh, it creates an organic look and feel. The leather provides ergonomics and comfort, by combining these two materials, you create a unique design. When you add these beautiful chairs to your interior, you lift your design to ' next level'.

The Circle Chair:

As the name suggests, the inspiration for this chair comes from the circle, or a compass. By combining different sized circles in different directions, the chair is appealing to look at from all angles. It has an active seat and is both adventurous and comfortable. The chair has an extraordinary and elegant appearance. Whether at the dining table or solo highlighted, it is a real eye-catcher. The Circle Bar stool and Bar chair make this special series complete.


In 2005, Jasper Overgaard and Christian Dryman met at Aalborg University. This is where the basis for their partnership was created. At the Danish Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, they work several times together on projects. One of these projects is when they design The Wire Chair together.

After there was a serious interest in the Wire Chair from two well-known furniture brands, and the chair came back from production as a prototype from Asia, the conclusion was clear. They started looking for a way to take the production into their own hands. Both quit their full-time jobs to focus entirely on O&D. 

They produced the first 300 chairs all by themselves, the metal work was done at Christian's sister's henhouse and the leather work at Jasper's attic. From here they have built an impressive company where all furniture is now made by hand and locally by a talented team. Workshop of Wonders was allowed to walk around in their workshop and we were very impressed. We are very grateful for being allowed to be a dealer of this impressive brand.

Craftsmanship is a high priority at O&D, combining old crafts with new technology. They respect the past and love innovation. O&D brings together the best of old and new.