additional design brands​

At WONDERS interiors you will not only find an exclusive selection of Japanese design brands, but also a refined collection of other high-quality brands. Our selection includes both contemporary and timeless, but above all, unique collections of top quality, both in execution and design.

Discover characterful pieces from Shanghai and London, where east and west meet. Explore the pearls from the far north, from Finland, Norway and Denmark. And to top it all off, we take you to Spain for a touch of southern temperament.

What all these masterpieces have in common is the love for materials, passion for traditional production without concessions, and respect for the designers. Each item is made with craftsmanship using the most sustainable and modern techniques.

A number of chairs from these collections are available for you in our showroom. We cordially invite you to come by and discuss your wishes with us. Because it goes without saying that we can supply the entire collection. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the products, the background of the brands, and our personal relationship with the designers and makers, we can provide you with excellent information and advice. And this way we can also design a complete interior with the pieces and inspiration of your favorite designer or brand.

Make an appointment today. We are happy to welcome you!