Moormann searches for furniture inventions with a unique idea behind them, sometimes absurd, sometimes ingenious, sometimes a detail, sometimes a revolution. This involves extensive searching and even longer refining until everything aligns. Sometimes it's worthwhile because something emerges that the company falls in love with. Then, Moormann looks for people who understand it, who get it.
Moormann furniture is the sum of its details. When was the last time someone lay under the bed, stood in the wardrobe, or turned the chair upside down? Moormann does exactly that throughout the development process until they are completely satisfied. These are the ideal conditions for turning an object into a favorite piece of furniture.

They say good things are close at hand. Moormann agrees. That's why all the furniture is produced within a radius of 40 kilometers around the company's location in Chiemgau. Initially, this was purely selfish. Moormann considered it crucial that ideas and designs quickly reach the right hands, the hands of real specialists.

One thing is certain: furniture is a companion for life. Therefore, they must absolutely have a good character. They shouldn't be boring but also shouldn't be irritating, especially during assembly. They must be reliable but also have a bit of humor. Moormann likes it when things have their own personality and various exciting qualities that you want to tell friends about, just like with a new life companion.