Astep design lighting

At Astep, the knowledge, innovation, experience, and love for design lighting converge from three generations.

As the third-generation brand of the Sarfatti family, Astep stands as a leading design lighting brand. In 1939, Gino Sarfatti founded the renowned Arteluce, marking Italy's inaugural lighting brand with a focus on design. Following in his footsteps, son Riccardo Sarfatti established the still prestigious lighting brand Luceplan in the 1970s. Today, Alessandro Sarfatti, grandson of Gino, guides the helm of the new design lighting brand Astep, seamlessly merging innovation and top-notch quality in both their mid-century modern classics and contemporary designs.

Astep collection

Located in Copenhagen, the Danish-Italian company Astep has gained global recognition for curating a collection of stunning models and embracing a distinctive approach to design lighting. The reintroduction of Gino Sarfatti's characterful 1950s designs serves as a cornerstone in their collection.

Astep's fixtures blend advanced technologies with high-quality materials, ensuring they are not only visually appealing but also meet the demands of modern design and lifestyle. Emphasizing timeless designs and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of design lighting, Astep remains an influential brand that enriches the world of lighting with elegance and ingenuity.

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